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Mozilla 1.1 Released

Mozilla 1.1 is out. See the release notes to find out what's new.

Read more for QNX binaries.QNX binaries can be found at|Download (login first) for both X Window (mozilla-xlib) and Photon (mozilla-ph). mozilla-xlib will work on both QNX 6.1 and 6.2, but mozilla-ph will only work on QNX 6.2. A separate version of mozilla-ph for QNX 6.1 is also available at the same Download area.

Any questions, suggestions should go to the GUI forum.

Special thanks to Kinners for his patches to the mozilla-ph. This latest version of mozilla-ph should be better than any other versions out there. Kinners' patch fixed some memory leak, incorrect encodings and copy/paste should work now. If you are using Mozilla in Photon, you are urged to upgrade.