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New QNX Betas Out

Two new beta trials have recently opened: the QNX Momentics® v6.2.1 beta and the QNX RTOS v4.25 Patch G beta.

Click here to apply for the QNX Momentics 6.2.1 beta trial. You will need a valid QNX support plan and a valid commercial QNX Momentics v6.2 PE or SE license to participate.

For QNX RTOS v4 beta members: Click here to access the QNX RTOS v4.25 Patch G beta. Or click here to apply for the qnx4 beta.

Web application server designed for embedded systems

Art & Logic, Inc. has released the Device Management Framework 2.1, a Web application server for creating device monitoring and control applications. Now with version 2.1, you can deploy your applications as standards-based Web Services - with no additional programming.

UCD SNMP 4.2.6 Ported

ucd snmp 4.2.6 has been ported to QNX6.2NC. The commercial version of QNX6 (SE/PE) includes snmp, but somehow it is not to include in the free version. The port includes the snmp libs and tools, and is available in the download area.

Mozilla 1.2.1 Released released Mozilla 1.2.1. This release contains the fix for the DHTML bug in Mozilla 1.2 which broke dynamically writing into a dynamically created element. The only difference between the two releases is the fix for this bug (Bug 182500). If you have already installed Mozilla 1.2, you should upgrade to Mozilla 1.2.1.

TRACE32 Debugger Extends QNX Awareness to ARM and XScale

Lauterbach GmbH, Europe's leading manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, has announced extended kernel awareness for the QNX® Neutrino® realtime operating system (RTOS) from QNX Software Systems Ltd. Proven on PowerPC and SH4 architectures, kernel awareness for QNX Neutrino is now also available for ARM and XScale systems. Lauterbach's TRACE32 Debugger can now visualize OS resources (such as process tables) and debug boot code, interrupts, drivers, and application processes.

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