Crusoe runs QNX

Chipmaker Transmeta today released sample and quantity versions of a new version of its low-power Crusoe processor that can be embedded in some pretty harsh environments.

The new Crusoe Special Embedded (SE) microprocessors were designed and tested for long-term use in places where a chip's temperature can reach as high as 100(degrees) C.


Robert Krten just released the ramdisk utility for beta. This means that it now has most of the functionality that it will have. Source and executable are available at

SciTE advanced editor ported to QNX6

SciTE is an advanced editor with syntax coloring for a bunch of different programming languages. Different character representations are selectable. There is a good keyboard support and the possibiliy to export souces as RTF, HTML or LaTex files.

The tool menu works like an IDE, a click on a message line of the compiler starts an editor session and positions the cursor into the line where the error is located ... just to name some features.

Available at

Silent Witness Signs Strategic Partnership with Hamilton Safe

Silent Witness Enterprises Ltd. announces that it has signed a strategic partnership with Hamilton Safe, a leading North American systems integrator of security equipment, for its digital video storage solutions.

The Silent Witness line of Gyyr branded Digital Video Management Systems (DVMS), which is built upon the highly reliable QNX operating system, will be one of two digital video recorder lines offered by Hamilton Safe and the only product line that runs on a robust real-time operating system.

New QNX Betas Out

Two new beta trials have recently opened: the QNX Momentics® v6.2.1 beta and the QNX RTOS v4.25 Patch G beta.

Click here to apply for the QNX Momentics 6.2.1 beta trial. You will need a valid QNX support plan and a valid commercial QNX Momentics v6.2 PE or SE license to participate.

For QNX RTOS v4 beta members: Click here to access the QNX RTOS v4.25 Patch G beta. Or click here to apply for the qnx4 beta.


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