Eclipse Forms Independent Organization

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The Eclipse Board of Stewards today announced Eclipse's reorganization into a not-for-profit corporation. Originally a consortium that formed when IBM released the Eclipse Platform into Open Source, Eclipse is now an independent body that will drive the platform's evolution to benefit the providers of software development offerings and end-users. All technology and source code provided to this fast-growing ecosystem will remain openly available and royalty-free.

QNX CEO Dan Dodge takes seat on board of directors. "QNX is proud to be a driving force behind Eclipse since its inception," said Dan Dodge. "With a seat on the board as a strategic developer member, we are reinforcing and extending our commitment to the goals of seamless tool integration and advancement of best-in-class tooling for embedded software development."

QNX adds Linux host support to eclipse-based tool suite

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In an acknowledgement of the growing popularity of Linux among developers, QNX Software Systems has added support for Linux development hosts to its Eclipse-based Momentics embedded development suite. The Momentics development suite supports development targets running QNX Neutrino, a popular, proprietary POSIX-compatible hard real-time OS.

"Many embedded system OEMs, particularly those in the telecom segment, are migrating to more cost-effective development hosts, so adding host support for Linux was a natural evolution for QNX Momentics," said Thomas Fletcher, tools development manager at QNX Software Systems.

Erlang OTP R9C for QNX 6.2.1 x86 buildable source

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This is a tarball of buildable source for the erlang language. Erlang is a FUNCTIONAL language, not an 'OO' wannabe, and the syntax is a major paradigm shift. The language was designed to do distributed telecoms applications and it does these better than pretty much anything else. There is an active user community and this announcement will be relayed to them as well.

This is unsupported, as we have real work that our employer expects us to do. The build is large and not for the weak of CPU or memory impaired. It works for us.

You will find the file in the download area:
otp_src_R9C-0-x86-QNX6.2.1.tar.gz md5sum a9ef57f4e75c0fcdd214301bac9946df

New BETA Terminal app for QNX

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I've just started to develop a new little Terminal app for QNX, with stuff like Tabs and bookmarks. It's free and quite early in development so please don't blame me if it does not work, crashes, destroys your computer, insults your mother, etc.

Anyway, it is available here:

There is no package for it, just the executable, but should work anywhere you put it.

There will be lots of missing features/bugs so anything you want fixed or added, please drop me a private message on the forums.

QNX secure rm utility

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Robert Krten just announced the secure rm utility for QNX. Unlike the normal "rm", "secure rm" can wipe a file all to zero before unlinking it. or, for the really security-minded individual, it can write multiple copies of randomized garbage over the file before unlinking it. "srm" is intended to replace "rm" and the alpha version is available at

QNX Launches New Embedded Browser with ACCESS NetFront Technology

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QNX Software Systems today launched the QNX(R) Voyager(TM) 2 embedded Web browser, a modular, scalable and high-performance solution for Internet applications. QNX Voyager 2 is built upon ACCESS' NetFront Browser Engine technology, the same technology that powers the NetFront browser used in NTT DoCoMo's wildly successful i-mode(TM) service as well as the new Palm OS 5 Browser and the Blazer 3.0 browser available in the new HandSpring Treo 600 handheld.