QNX announced support for Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGAs

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QNX Software Systems today announced support for Xilinx® Virtex-II Pro(TM) Platform FPGAs through its port of the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS. QNX Neutrino support for Xilinx Virtex-II Pro embedded PowerPC offers end-product feature flexibility by combining dynamically upgradable OS with programmable hardware platforms. System architects using the QNX Neutrino RTOS and Virtex-II Pro Platform FPGAs are now able to create updateable systems for both software and hardware.

A New Java VM Coming to QNX

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/k/ (pronounced "kah") has released "Mika," a new Java virtual machine (VM) and runtime environment that enables Java programs to run on embedded systems including ones with no graphical display ("headless" systems) and MMU-less architectures such as ARM7TDMI. The class libraries supplied with Mika include support for all the most commonly-used packages and APIs used for embedded Java programming, according to /k/, so most existing applications developed for other embedded Java offerings will run on Mika with little or no modification.

QNX Support Added to WinRAR

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Good news for us WinRAR users, with the release of WinRAR 3.30 beta 1, QNX package file support is added. WinRAR now can open .qpr and .qpk files in one step, like it already does for .tar.gz archives.
WinRAR is a powerful archive manager for Microsoft Windows. It can backup your data and reduce size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.

USB WebCam driver for QNX 6.2.1 available

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The dolphin GmbH Germany has released a driver for the USB WebCam family 8115 (Philips,Logitech and compatible). The driver works with the Video4Linux API. An SDK is also avaliable to use common Linux applications.
Available for all supported QNX RTP 6.2.1 processors. Download the repository for a demo from:
or read more on:

AbiWord 2.0.1 Released, QNX officially supported

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The AbiWord team just announced the release of 2.0.1. This release marks the first official binary release of AbiWord for the Windows and QNX operating systems. Users on these platforms can now enjoy all the benefits of AbiWord's 2.0 powerful features and leading-edge ease of use. You can view the QNX screenshot thanks to phearbear. The 2.0.1 release provides numerous bug fixes in particular for the "Revision Tracking" feature. In addition, the Windows version now has JPEG, GIF and BMP support included.

QNX community sites update

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Recently there are some changes in Russian and French QNX community websites.

Pierre has been improving www.qnx-fr.com. He has already completed the forum migration to phpBB2 and added a new site navigation interface. The next step will be the updating of news engine. Michel Belanger, author of the famous Workspace, is another major contributor.

On the qnx.org.ru side, dmi is busy on testing the new site on the new server. The new server is four times faster. The site has been completely redesigned with all software updated, including the most popular QNX forum on earth. qnx.org.ru is also the home of major QNX projects from individuals: mike, maxshan, ag, ed1k, julius, kot, dmi, etc. You may not know all of those names but you sure would know their projects: SDL, PortMon, xEarth, Biew, ntfs driver, Desktop, etc.

Let's all wish the QNX community getting stronger!

GTK2 Coming to QNX 6

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Julian (a.k.a. Kinners) has ported GTK2 and family to QNX6. You can find them in his repository at http://www.qnxzone.com/~kinners/repository/ GTK2 is required for those newer GTK based applications such as latest GAIM, xchat. This GTK2 port uses XFree86 4.3 (binary available at http://sf.net/projects/openqnx ) and it may work for you if you are using XFree86 4.2 as found on the 3rd party CD. Any questions, please email Kinners.