Aonix Ports PERC JVM to QNX Neutrino RTOS

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Booth 312, Embedded World, NURNBERG, Germany: Aonix(R), an independent global company delivering complete solutions for safety- and mission-critical applications, announced the port of PERC 4.1 to the QNX Neutrino 6.x RTOS. PERC, a Java virtual machine designed to provide real-time control, offers a new level of design control. With this port, developers are able to manage and control industrial control systems, networking many disparate computing devices and thousands of I/O points in the industrial control setting.

Navigon Presents QNX based Innovation

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From 18th to 24th March at CeBIT 2004 in Hanover, NAVIGON GmbH will present an automotive product innovation - instantly turning a car radio into a navigation system. NAVIGON will be presenting the implementation of this innovation in conjunction with QNX Neutrino, the automotive operating system. As a partner and supplier for the development of driver assistance systems, NAVIGON has already made a name for itself in the car industry with MEDAS, the abbreviation for "Map Engine for Driver Assistance Systems".

VideoLAN 0.7.1.Beta

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VideoLAN main goals is MPEG streaming on a network, but it also features a standalone multimedia player. The VideoLAN Server can stream video read from a hard disk, a DVD player, a satellite card or an MPEG 2 compression card, and unicast or multicast it on a network.

QNX Resource Manager Wizard Going Alpha

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Robert Krten just announced the alpha release of the new resource manager wizard. The idea is that this will allow you to specify options that you want for your new resource manager, and you'll receive a tarball with the code. It is a web based tool and should be a fairly complete code generator by the time of the full release. Rob is looking for feedback! To start, just point your favorite web browser to

mikmod-decoder 0.2 for QNX 6

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The mikmod-decoder 0.2 is a plugin for the 6.2.1B+ MultiMedia Framework which adds support for decoding many module types. You can download binary and source packages at QNX Plugins@Sourceforge. Any application that uses the MultiMedia framework should be able to playback supported audiofiles after you install this utility. The ones that is tested is 'mmplay' (included in a 6.2.1B install) respective 'killerAudio' availible from

QNX 6.3 to be Released Q2 2004

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The next release of QNX, commonly referred as QNX 6.3, is much anticipated by QNX users. In a recent news release, QNX Software Systems announced The next release of QNX Momentics is expected in second quarter of 2004. The new features in QNX 6.3 haven't been talked in the news announcement, but based on the earlier news postings on, it is believed that we will be seeing the new Netfront backed voyager web browser. The Linux-hosted development option for QNX Momentics will also be available.