Spammer uses newsgroup eMail adresses?!

Submitted by Frank on

Lately I keep receiving spam mails containing a worm. They have the subject "See this patch from Microsoft". Attached is a .exe file which contains a worm.

As I looked at the eMail-adresses which also received this message I recognized some of them from the QNX-newsgroups.

I think I will now be more careful with posting my eMail address in the newsgroups. Maybe the adresses should only be visible for logged in users?!

Hope nobody gets problems through these "worm-mails".


QNX Momentics v6.2.1 Released

Submitted by newsagent on

QNX Software Systems today released the next edition of QNX® Momentics®, the integrated development suite that allows embedded developers to take full advantage of the highly reliable QNX Neutrino® RTOS. Check out what's new at Commercial version of QNX Momentics v6.2.1 is shipping now: Non commercial edition is still on the old v6.2, and v6.2.1 is expected to come by the end of the month.

QNX Boosts Developer Productivity with New System Profiler Tool for QNX Momentic

Submitted by PAUL on

OTTAWA, Feb. 4 -- Making it easier than ever for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to fine-tune their embedded development projects and get to market, QNX Software Systems today released System Profiler, a graphical system analysis tool for QNX(R) Momentics(R) Professional Edition, the company's open, Eclipse-based development suite. The System Profiler goes beyond conventional debugging and code analysis tools to analyze how all the components in a complex realtime system interact with each other. Not only can developers troubleshoot and optimize their systems with greater ease but the systems themselves can perform faster and more predictably.

Encirq 2e Data Management Suite for Embedded Systems and Apps

Submitted by newsagent on

Encirq 2e ( is available, and evaluation downloads are also available. The Encirq 2e Development Environment includes a suite of software tools and libraries for developing custom, full-featured data management systems specifically generated for your embedded project, whether or not the target device includes an operating system.

Dave Curley Joins QNX as Vice President of Marketing

Submitted by newsagent on

QNX Software Systems, Ltd., today announced the appointment of Dave Curley as vice president of marketing. Reporting to QNX President Dan Dodge, Mr. Curley will be responsible for overseeing future product initiatives, forging strategic relationships with current and future customers and partners, and developing targeted marketing programs.

HAFTA beta 2 released

Submitted by rick on

Astra Network is pleased to release the second open beta of the High Availability and Fault Tolerant Architecture (HAFTA) Toolkit.

You can download the qpr from this link.

This release includes documentation and source for the checkpoint library as well as the completed tutorial explaining the use of the checkpoint library.

This release also fixes issues raised during the first beta release.

As always please post issues and questions in the appropriate HAFTA forum at