Eugenia deletes QNX

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It seems our friend Eugenia at osnews no longer thinks QNX is hot. Given the recent releases of some Linux distributions, she decides to delete her QNX partition and play with SuSE 8.1 and RedHat 8.0. Details can be found

Embedded Kermit File-Transfer Protocol

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The Kermit Project just announced in comp.os.qnx the availability of an embeddable Kermit protocol. This is a tiny but modern implementation of Kermit protocol (send and receive only; no server) written in ANSI C suitable for embedding and realtime applications as well as for creation of DLLs. It is the real thing, written at the Kermit Project at Columbia University, the original developers of the Kermit protocol.

QNX in China

Submitted by tang on [2002-9-3] 今天,北京领先实时科技有限责任公司与新加坡Q-MBDD公司隆重宣布双方建立强强合作关系、成为战略合作伙伴。经QNX软件系统有限公司授权, Q-MBDD/领先实时科技公司成为QNX中国销售区总代理,全面负责QNX在中国的销售、培训、技术支持、市场宣传与拓展等相关事宜,从而为QNX在中国销售区的分销业务渠道带来根本性的变化,将全面提升QNX分销商对对广大QNX用户的服务水平,从而极大地推动QNX在中国的普遍应用,使广大QNX中国用户从这种根本性的变化中获得最大限度的好处。

phamp 1.0.1 released

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Per, Max Lapan just released phamp 1.0.1.

phamp is one of those few mp3 players under Photon. phamp supports all MPEG formats ( layer I, II, III), VBR extension, playlist, display ID3 of version 1, 1.2 and 2, full management from the keyboard. Robert Leslie's MAD (Mpeg Audio Decoder) library is used for decoding.

HP Joins Eclipse, Supports Open-Source Tools Project

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TechWeb covers HP's entry into the Eclipse open-source consortium. "The Eclipse project is aiming to create an open-source "framework" that lets third-party vendors "plug in" specialty development tools. The idea is to let developers work within a single framework -- including things like user interface and shared services like source-code management or debugging -- for all their development."

For those you don't know, Eclipse is the basis for the QNX Momentics Prefessional Edition IDE.