Nvidia 无人驾驶汽车招聘

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Nvidia 无人驾驶汽车招聘

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我们身处无人区, 无人领航,没有方向,没有答案,有的只有待解决的技术问题。我们领航,确定方向,找到答案。如果你喜欢不确定性,喜欢挑战未知,欢迎加入我们。。。
我们是Glassdoor选出的“最佳工作场所” 我们是《人物》选出的“年度关爱公司 ” 我们是《财富》选出的“全球最受赞赏公司”我们这里还有“评价最高的CEO”
我们,就是AI计算的引领者NVIDIA, 梦想的机会就在眼前 ,你来不来?
我们身处无人区, 无人领航,没有方向,没有答案,有的只有待解决的技术问题。我们领航,确定方向,找到答案。如果你喜欢不确定性,喜欢挑战未知,欢迎加入我们。。。

我们是Glassdoor选出的“最佳工作场所” 我们是《人物》选出的“年度关爱公司 ” 我们是《财富》选出的“全球最受赞赏公司”我们这里还有“评价最高的CEO” 我们,就是AI计算的引领者NVIDIA, 梦想的机会就在眼前 ,你来不来?

1. 简历发送 :Fionahui@careerintlinc.com (英文简历!英文简历!)简历命名:名字+职位
2. 职位咨询:私信我留下您的联系方式:邮箱/微信/电话;有任何疑问也可以加我微信:hyh332765962

1. Have a master or PhD in EE/CS or closely related field (or additionalequivalent experience) with 6+ year of relevant work and lab experience.
2. Have a deep understanding of programming languages in C and C++
3. Be familiar with source control tools (git, Perforce, etc).
4. Have experience working on complex automotive or consumer embeddedsystems on the PDK or BSP Level.
5. Have a deep understanding about Linux/QNX /hypervisor/Autosar. (其一)
6. Have ability to debug at board and chip level and appropriate probinghardware.
7. Be familiar with debugging real-time, safety critical systems with fastdata flows over buses like PCIE/CAN/GMSL2.


1. You have a strong project management background with good breadth and superior organization skills. You have a great understanding in one or more domains of graphics, multimedia, system software, and virtualization. In your career you have built strong experience with ARM platforms and knowledge in one or more operating systems -QNX, Linux, and Android. Ideally you have also worked with other platforms, embedded OS's and Hypervisors. Working experience in the automotive industry is highly desirable.
2. Hands on experience with software development and processes, specifically for device drivers and Board Support Package (BSP) development
3. Detail oriented with an attested ability to multitask in a dynamic environment with shifting priorities and changing requirements
4. Strength working independently and actively with minimal direction
5. Able to work with resources across multiple time zones
6. Excellent communication and technical presentation skills
7. Able to think strategically and tactically and to build consensus to make programs successful
8. Demonstrable ability to think in an unexpected way to resolve issues and resource conflicts
9. Demonstrated ability to get complex product to customers
10. 5+years programming of a modern programming language highly desired
11. Thorough knowledge of software engineering principles
12. Experience with productivity tools and process automation in support of this role a plus
13. Working level familiarity with real-time operating system, hypervisor, multimedia a strong plus 8-10 years of relevant work experience
14. Bachelors or Masters in electrical engineering or computer science
15. Automotive industry experience desired
16. Agile Certification/training a plus
17. PM Certification/training desired

Ways to stand out from the crowd:

1. Team player, loves to work in a team environment
2. Native Mandarin, Fluent English

With competitive salaries and a generous benefits package, we are widely considered to be one of the technology world’s most desirable employers. We have some of the most brilliant and talented people in the world working for us and, due to unprecedented growth, our elite engineering teams are rapidly growing. If you're a creative and autonomous engineer with a real passion for technology, we want to hear from you.