QNX 6.2.0 NC Install Without Burning a Disc

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By Chris McKillop

One of the changes with the 6.2.0 release of the NC (non-commerical) edition of QNX was the removal of the online repositories and not offering a separate Win32 based install download. However, all is not lost and this little page will take you through the steps required to install QNX NC without actually burning a CDROM.Step 1: Getting the ISO

Go to the download section and grab a copy of the ISO file (save it in c:\) from one of the mirrors. Just like in previous versions you are going to need to have your version of windows installed on a FAT32 partition and if you are using any NT based system (NT4, Win2K, XP) you will need to make a boot floppy as well (the installer will prompt you).

Step 2: Mounting the ISO under Windows

Download Fantom CD and install it under Windows. You can tell it to open the ISO file you downloaded in the above step and it will start the installer. This is a great piece of software (this is only thier trial version) that lets you trick windows into thinking the ISO is actually in a real CDROM drive. Once the install is done boot into QNX (bootdisk or config.sys menu) as normal.

Step 3: Mounting the ISO under QNX

When you first go into QNX the QNX Installer will start up and try to probe your CDROM drives for the CDROm to install the Momentics portion of the download (development and runtimes for x86/armle). This will fail since it won't find anything. So quit and open a Terminal. From within the terminal type...

mount -tcd /fs/hd0-dos/qnx620nc.iso /fs/cd0

...which will mount the ISO file into the location that the phyiscal CDROM would normall be located. Now simply re-run the Installer from the shelf (the buttons on the right hand side of your screen) and install the rest of NC.

Step 4: The "public" CDROM

With 6.20, there is a new "public" cdrom full of pre-built ports of popular open-source software as well as 3rd party software for QNX. You can get this disc from the download are on QDN. You can do a simular trick for this disc...

mount -t cd /tmp/qnxpub100.iso /fs/cd0

...and then run the installer.