Birdstep puts Raima database SDKs up for free download

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Birdstep Technology is offering freely downloadable software development kits (SDKs) to promote its Raima Database Manager (RDM) embedded database technology which runs on a handfull of operating systems including QNX Neutrino.Birdstep lists the following RDM products available for download with a free SDK: Birdstep RDM Embedded - relational and network database model

* Birdstep RDM Server - relational and network database model
* Birdstep is not currently offering its RDM Mobile with hierarchical database model for free download.

Birdstep says its databases run on Linux, Windows, AIX, HP, Solaris, and real-time operating systems such as MontaVista Linux, QNX Neutrino, and Wind River VxWorks. The company says programmers can use C, C++, or Java with RDM's APIs, which include ODBC, JDBC, SQL, JNI, and Native.

Potential customers can download the SDKs from the Birdstep website after registering. Birdstep will assign a Product Engineer to assist with setup and "be a point of contact for any technical issues that may arise."

Those using the free SDKs will have the option of arranging technical support with Birdstep. Multiple support options are available, from "Getting Started" to "Premium Level," the company says. Since most product life cycles last longer than one year, Birdstep offers product support periods up to five years from major product release dates.