Motorola DART and QNX Form Strategic Alliance

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QNX and Motorola's DART (Digital, Audio, Radio & Telematics) operation within Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector have formed a strategic alliance that makes QNX the premier supplier of OS technology to Motorola DART for the automotive "in-cab" market.
As part of the agreement, Motorola plans to resell the QNX® Momentics® development suite, a tightly integrated toolset that allows telematics developers to take advantage of QNX's highly reliable RTOS. In addition, the QNX Neutrino® RTOS will continue to be bundled with the Motorola mobileGT™ telematics platform. The widely supported mobileGT platform helps enable automakers and tier-one manufacturers to deliver the latest in customized driver information technology and applications.

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