Robots Gain Autonomy to Manage and Analyze Embedded Data

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ITTIA, a global supplier of embedded relational database software continues offering added value to manufacturers of industrial automation devices and embedded systems. Butler, a new generation of robots from Wasserbauer GmbH, is a line of products embedded with ITTIA DB SQL. ITTIA embedded database software and services enable manufacturers to benefit from existing database skills and experience, and work with greater efficiency and accuracy when building mission-critical embedded systems and devices.

Industrial automation systems, including robotics, are evolving to offer more specialized services and assist with daily activities. Whether a robot is installed at a fixed location or capable of free movement, a tablet computer or similar mobile device is an effective tool to manage and operate the robot. At the same time, autonomous-decision making enables the robot to preform complex actions.

To make intelligent decisions, a robot will collect information from various sensors and build a database to describe its local environment. ITTIA DB SQL is a proven choice for robotic data storage, providing a safe and efficient way to update and query local data on various embedded platforms. With ITTIA DB SQL, data is always available to multiple concurrent tasks and can be easily distributed to other robots and control systems.

When a robot requires human guidance, a web interface or tablet application is a convenient way to issue commands over a wireless connection. For web interfaces, ITTIA DB SQL supports several popular scripting languages, such as Python. For remote applications, database replication allows ITTIA DB SQL to synchronize a robot database directly with Android and other mobile platforms.

Together with its embedded database software and services, ITTIA solutions provide developers the full range of database features and cross-platform capabilities necessary to address real data management challenges for embedded systems and devices.

Customers looking to deploy a low-cost, highly reliable data management infrastructure can save time and money with ITTIA embedded database software products and services. A free evaluation of ITTIA DB SQL is available at the ITTIA DB Evaluation Center. The evaluation kit contains a complete embedded database library, optional server, support for both on-disk and in-memory data management, and SQL tools.

The following clip shows a Butler robot embedded with ITTIA DB SQL in action:


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