ITTIA Expands its Worldwide Presence with a Prestigious New Distributor in Japan

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ITTIA announces a new distributor, Innotech, to provide embedded database software to embedded systems and mobile device manufacturers in Japan.

October 31, 2006 — Bellevue, WA — In what could be a key move in embedded software development, ITTIA is announcing Innotech as its local representative in Japan. Innotech brings a wealth of experience, including years of prestigious recognition in the local market to address the growing demand for database technology in embedded systems and mobile handheld devices. This engagement enables Innotech to promote and distribute ITTIA's lightweight database products, including ITTIA DB, and bring embedded database expertise to the Japanese market.

ITTIA is establishing a long-term, strategic investment in Japan and having Innotech as its local distributor will guarantee each customer's success by providing the highest levels of technical services and support from a local industry leader. By partnering with Innotech, ITTIA ensures its Japanese customers will have access to the skilled, localized engineering services they need to deliver their products on time and with the highest reliability.

Japan's strength in markets such as consumer electronics and automotive has defined this country as a key area for past and future focus. The consumer electronics industry has witnessed phenomenal growth and the merging of digital-based audio, video and wireless networking technologies will create demand for more complex device data management capabilities as this trend continues. ITTIA's partnership with Innotech is the latest in a string of initiatives to promote ITTIA DB and add value to the embedded developers in this local market.

"Signing the ITTIA distributor agreement is a strong vote of confidence in Innotech's ability to serve the challenging database for embedded systems market in Japan." stated Koji Hirata, Division Manager of Product Solution Division, Innotech Corporation. "Now as an official ITTIA distributor, Innotech will be able to cost-effectively supply ITTIA products and generate advanced solutions with excellent technical support."

"As a well known company in Japan, Innotech has long been recognized for its innovation, which is vital to the introduction and evolution of ITTIA software products and services," said Sasan Montaseri, President of ITTIA. "Working with Innotech will make our database technologies broadly available in Japan's embedded market, which will increase options for developers needing complex data management for their embedded development."

About Innotech

Since its founding in 1987, Innotech has embraced a corporate mission to collaborate and develop businesses with American and European companies achieving success and accomplishing development goals working in partnership with its clients, through introducing the American and European companies with advanced technology to Japanese semiconductor manufacturers and creating new businesses together. Through its business activities, Innotech has built up intimate relationships with leading companies in each industry, and has developed expertise in each business area providing the most suitable product and solution for the client. These comprise the base of Innotech business. More information about Innotech is available at:


ITTIA offers versatile database software for embedded systems and mobile devices. Our advanced database technology is supported by excellent technical support and consulting. ITTIA customers include GlaxoSmithKline, VNU, Boeing, Moodys, Sandia National Laboratory and many other companies that have benefited from our superior database solutions. More information about Innotech is available at: