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OTTAWA, ON, May 27, 2010 - Crank Storyboard Suite 1.1 is now available from Crank Software Inc., an innovator in embedded user interface (UI) solutions. Compared to older, traditional electronic design automation tools, Storyboard enables R&D teams to more quickly and more collaboratively develop rich and dynamic graphical displays while optimizing hardware performance.

  • Enhancements available in Crank Storyboard Suite 1.1 provide functionality that enables R&D teams to accelerate the design cycle resulting in faster times to commercialization.
  • Storyboard 1.1 gives teams extended platform support for new operating systems and architectures
  • Storyboard 1.1 delivers unparalleled performance though the use of industry standard graphics APIs

Product Enhancements

  • Extended platform support for Storyboard Engine including
    • Linux support increased to include SH4
    • QNX 6 support increased to include SH4 and PPC
    • Windows CE 6.0 support for ARM platforms
  • Linux hosted development for Storyboard Suite
  • Lua debugger integrated into Storyboard Designer (Beta)
  • Performance optimizations by leveraging graphics acceleration though industry standard API's including DirectFB and OpenVG

Crank Storyboard Suite 1.1 is a result of listening to our customers and delivering the new functionality that they require to perform their jobs more efficiently. Storyboard is enabling R&D teams to more quickly prototype and simulate user interfaces to streamline the development cycle and release products with richer, more complete experiences for their users." - Jason Clarke, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Crank Software Inc.


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Crank Software is an innovator in embedded user interface solutions. Our products and services enable R&D teams to more quickly develop rich graphical displays for resource-constrained embedded devices compared to traditional electronic design automation tools. Today, time is wasted in the development lifecycle because the design goes back and forth between UI designers and embedded systems engineers. The Crank Storyboard Suite enables UI designers and engineers to work in parallel. Storyboard manages the entire UI lifecycle - from UI design to simulation to being optimized for the device. Storyboard delivers competitive advantage because streamlining the development lifecycle enables companies to get products to market faster, with higher ROI, and lower TCO while delivering a superior customer experience. Visit us at


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