Replication in Embedded Applications Just Got Easier with ITTIA DB SQL

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ITTIA has unveiled version ITTIA DB SQL 4.1, the newest version of its database for embedded systems and intelligent devices. With the addition of advanced high availability functionality and enhanced replication features, the ITTIA DB SQL library offers the most value for the application developers of embedded systems on Windows, Linux, QNX, and more. Highlights of this new release include support for two-phase commit, synchronous replication on commit, table snapshots, and distributed transactions.

Embedded applications use synchronous replication to distribute changes continuously, sending updates to other devices or backup storage media automatically. Once replication is configured, ITTIA DB SQL protects the application's work from component failure. Applications can also use ad hoc replication for total control over when changes are exchanged.

Synchronous replication keeps every database up-to-date automatically, preventing conflicts. If a database is disconnected for some time, ITTIA DB can send snapshots of the tables from another database to quickly bring it back in line. Table snapshots can also be used to synchronize two databases without configuring replication.

Applications can also use distributed transactions to commit changes to two or more ITTIA DB database files at once, on the same device or over the network. Two-phase commit ensures that changes are safely stored to every database before any database is irrevocably committed, making it easy to move data from one database to another without the risk of losing it along the way.

The newest version of ITTIA embedded database offers a complete data management abilities for application developers by bringing capabilities to embedded devices that were once only available in enterprise databases. This allows developers to benefit from the great performance, rich features and realistic costs for embedding a leading-edge database in their embedded applications.

"When critical embedded and mobile applications fail, or an unforeseen disaster strikes, the resultant downtime can place the application in jeopardy. Even carefully planned downtime may affect end-user productivity when mission-critical application data is not available," said Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA President. "ITTIA DB SQL offers great high availability features, including replication, mirroring and on-line back-up, to help application developers of embedded systems and devices to build a scalable data management foundation."

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