For the Lib of USB ddk on QNX 6.

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NDT Technologies Inc.

For the Lib of USB ddk on QNX 6.

Post by NDT Technologies Inc. » Mon Dec 03, 2001 9:18 pm

I'm developing a usb device driver with the QNX 6 usb ddk, I downloaded
the ddk form QNX web site.

when I compiling and linking my program, at link step, all of the ddk
functions used, such as "usbd_ connect()", are not available for the

The error messages as following:

In "usb_trans()"
unsigned reference to "usbd_connect()"

I know the header file usbdi.h & usb100.h are at /usr/include/sys/. But
where is the Lib for the functions in the header file, how can I use

By the way, I use "gcc" for compiling and linking the c program.

Thank you for attentions,


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