QNX and Java - problem

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Piotr Pydych

QNX and Java - problem

Post by Piotr Pydych » Mon May 03, 2004 3:14 pm


Firstly sorry for my enghish, I am not english speaker ;-)

I have to write an application using Java under QNX.

Here is an idea I have to realize:

(Cogent) (Cogent C API) (using JNI) ???
(IE 6.0 + JS + Applets, etc.)

It is to visualize aquisited data from the Database. Is it a good idea in

I'm new to QNX. I have rather no problems with J2SE/EE but my knowledge
about J2ME is small. These are my questions:

- how can I install JVM (or which?) under QNX? I heart something about
IBM J9 but i don't know if it is a good idea, and where can i download it?
- how about RealTime Java? Does J9 under QNX support it?
- is there any software under QNX I can use to write java code
(something like NetBeans or SunONE?) or, for example, I will have to copy
compiled classes from another machine to QNX system? I have not enough
informations about developing java applications under QNX (any links,
- IBM WebSphere Micro Edition - is it a good choice, and how to download
it - i had problems with download
- which http server could I choose? I think it should support servlets.
I am experienced with ApacheTomcat, but I don't know there is an
implementation under QNX.
- are there technologies for free in non-commercial purposes?

I've installed QNX Neutrino 6.2.

Thak you in advance for any suggestions, links, ideas, etc. !!! The problem
is very important for me, and I'm very confused of that :-).

Piotr Pydych

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