renaming ethernet network interfaces

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Maksim Yevmenkin

renaming ethernet network interfaces

Post by Maksim Yevmenkin » Fri Oct 05, 2007 9:48 pm


for various reasons that are outside of the scope of the question, i'd
like to change default name of an ethernet network interface to
something else (say eth0) instead of en0.

after reading documentation, i found that many ethernet network drivers
have a couple of parameters, specifically, uptype and lan that could
alter interface name, so i tried

# io-net -d rtl uptype=eth,lan=0 -p tcpip

and it almost worked. i can see /dev/io-net/eth0 file, however i do not
see eth0 network interface. ifconfig -a does not show it.

is there anything else needs to be done to make this work, or its just


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