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Re: QNX 6.3?

Post by Mario Charest » Mon Mar 22, 2004 5:31 pm

"Bill Caroselli" <qtps@earthlink.net> wrote in message
Mitchell Schoenbrun <maschoen@pobox.com> wrote:
MS > Previously, Bill Caroselli wrote in qnx.cafe:

What is the largest removable media available these days, like a
Bernoulli Jazz? (Do they even still make them?)

MS > Iomega stopped making Jazz drives a while ago. The largest they made
MS > was 2Gig. Given the price of hard drives, one could make a good
MS > for just buying drives (about $100.00) and removable trays (about

I have not had good luck with those removable trays. If you actually do
remove and reinstall them often, they have a high failure rate.
The USB one are much more reliable (I think)

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