QNX 6.1 boot problems

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Yijun Zou

QNX 6.1 boot problems

Post by Yijun Zou » Fri Dec 19, 2003 1:37 am

Hi everyone,

Below are 2 problems which I ran into on 2 PC's.

1. On one machine, every time the PC is booting, there are following lines
appearing every 2 seconds or so.

Detected EIDE Scanning for devices
simq_timer: building abort ccb
ata_start_ccb : func 10

2. On another machine, the boot process cannot go through unless I select
the following boot options
F11 : Enumertor disables
--> F2: Disable the plug & play ISA enumerator
(this problem is quite confusing, as far as I know, the ISA device is not
PnP. does this problem mean the ISA is not supported in this istallation?)

Can anybody tell me how to fix? Thank you!


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