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QNX announced the availability of board support packages (BSPs) for the Artesyn PM/PPC-750F and Artesyn PM/PPC 440, two of the leading PCI mezzanine cards for wireless, optical, and voice-over-packet networking applications. With these new BSPs, communications systems designers using the QNX(R) Neutrino(R) RTOS can eliminate time-consuming hardware integration issues and immediately begin application development.The Artesyn PM/PPC-750F is a modular processor and memory subsystem that functions as the control or a processing element in optical networking, base stations, routers, and gateways. Featuring a PowerPC 750 microprocessor, the low-power design provides minimal draw on valuable system power resources, and the PMC standard allows it to be used in CompactPCI, VME, or proprietary environments.

Artesyn's PM/PPC-440 is a complete low-power processor subsystem in a very compact, industry-standard form factor. Based on a Book E-enhanced PowerPC architecture, the PM/PPC-440 allows communication equipment manufacturers to add modular and upgradable compute functionality to their I/O baseboard and provides the localized horsepower necessary for applications such as protocol processing, packet processing, data filtering, or I/O management.