ITTIA DB SQL Provides High Availability for Data Stored In-Memory on Android

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ITTIA, a global leader of embedded database software, delivers support for High Availability (HA) and In-Memory data management for embedded Android developers. ITTIA DB SQL HA uses replication and online backup to connect databases across embedded Android systems, ensuring that data is always available. Android is increasingly gaining attention among embedded developers and, according to various reports, more people are considering Android for new projects. With Android’s success in expanded markets, the data management problem is drawing attention and developers are seeking for a way to benefit from reliable data management software that offers High Availability for On-Disk and In-Memory data.

Now that there are Android devices and embedded systems with sufficient RAM to store data entirely in main memory, ITTIA DB SQL offers support for true In-Memory data management. When an Android database is created in memory, ITTIA DB SQL uses algorithms that are specialized for memory tables, such as T-tree indexes. In this way, the database is able to take advantage of optimizations such as direct pointers to significantly improve performance. Transactions are used to protect incomplete changes from being accessed by other connections. Unlike Android's built-in database technology, ITTIA DB SQL can share data In-Memory with concurrent connections.

When mission-critical Android data becomes unavailable, the entire system can be threatened. Support for high availability in ITTIA DB SQL maximizes the protection and availability of data for Android developers. As a result, Android embedded developers benefit from features such as distributed transactions, table snapshots, synchronous commit, replication on commit, single-master replication, multiple master replication and online backup. ITTIA DB SQL offers High Availability solutions for Android developers so that mission-critical data is reliably accessible.

ITTIA DB SQL replication for Android devices is used to share information between redundant devices to improve reliability, fault-tolerance, or accessibility. The replication facilities in ITTIA DB SQL make it easy to keep devices up-to-date with each other, even when connectivity is intermittent. When replication is enabled, changes to the Android database — row insert, update, or delete — are stored in the log file as replication events. Each database file has a list of peer databases with which it can exchange replication events.

ITTIA is excited to support embedded development on Android. In addition to High Availability, ITTIA DB SQL provides a great performance, low-level access to the engine, concurrency, replication, ANSI Standards, data typing and type safety, and a true In-Memory storage engine. Customers are happy with a caring company supporting their embedded development on Android.

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