ITTIA DB SQL Flexibility Extends to Multi-Core for Embedded Data Connectivity and Management

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ITTIA, a leader in modern embedded and mobile database software, equips applications with safe and efficient storage on single-core and multi-core systems. ITTIA DB SQL addresses the challenge of increasing data volume on multi-core systems; and by expanding its commitment to help manufacturers of embedded devices, ITTIA helps them to manage and connect data -- regardless of size -- as well as to leverage the performance of multi-core systems. In order for manufacturers of embedded devices to process and analyze all the data generated on a multi-core system, complex queries often need to be designed. By taking advantage of multi-core, ITTIA DB SQL allows application tasks on separate processor cores to concurrently access a single database.

ITTIA’s solution for multi-core systems is based on the company’s secure and highly available embedded database with rich features and standard capabilities. A multi-core processor enables a device to do more work without the excessive power requirements necessary for higher clock speeds. However, to benefit from multi-core, an application must be divided into concurrent tasks. ITTIA DB SQL mitigates the risks and complexity of sharing data safely between tasks on a multi-core device.

Tasks that share access to an ITTIA DB SQL database file can depend on transaction isolation to prevent corruption and inconsistency. The application benefits from thread synchronization primitives, such as mutexes and atomic variables, even without using them directly. This approach avoids race conditions that could damage the integrity of the database.

ITTIA DB SQL also provides great multi-core performance. Row-level locking ensures high read performance even when another task is writing to the database. Transaction group completion, which combines I/O requests from separate tasks, maximizes throughput when multiple tasks write to the database concurrently. These features eliminate significant performance bottlenecks faced by real-world applications.

Some devices can run distinct operating systems on a multi-core processor, to separate real-time and non-real-time tasks onto separate cores. To exchange data between such systems, ITTIA DB SQL supports bidirectional database replication.

ITTIA DB SQL has already been deployed for production use by global industry-leading customers. Customers choose ITTIA DB SQL to benefit from an embedded database with rich data connectivity and management features and create solutions for intelligent devices.

Founded in 2000, ITTIA is the worldwide leader in embedded database and connectivity software and services that help manufacturers to build reliable applications for devices.