AllJoyn and ITTIA DB SQL Embedded Database Ideal for the Internet of Everything

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ITTIA announces support for AllJoyn communications in device applications embedded with the ITTIA DB SQL database library. The combination of these technologies enables applications on embedded systems and mobile platforms to discover nearby devices, laptops, desktops, and back-end systems, which the application can then monitor, control, and distribute stored data. Our homes, our cars, and the things around us are getting smarter and this great combination makes it possible for manufacturers to build state-of-the-art solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) when constant data access and interoperability is important.

AllJoyn is a new technology from the AllSeen Alliance, a consortium driven by industry-leaders such as Qualcomm, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Haier, Silicon Image, and TP-LINK. As a framework for discovering and consuming services on proximal devices, AllJoyn is unique in its support for multiple platforms, spanning back-end, mobile, and microcontroller operating systems. With support for a variety of transport layers, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, AllJoyn is an ideal protocol for wireless communications.

ITTIA shares the same respect for platform-independence, offering ITTIA DB SQL as an embedded database solution for diverse environments such as Android, Nucleus, QNX, Windows, and Linux. Built on a solid relational foundation, ITTIA DB SQL provides applications with robust concurrent storage and replication capabilities. Applications can even exchange information with back-end RDBMS products through the ITTIA DB Sync server. Through AllJoyn, this replication and synchronization technology enables applications to store data in a reliable local database file that is automatically sent to nearby devices when they connect to the same wired or wireless network.

Security is an important consideration whenever private information is shared between two devices. AllJoyn employs application-level encryption and authentication through SASL to secure the private interfaces of an application. Meanwhile, ITTIA DB SQL supports database-level authorization and AES encryption when storing data to removable media, such as flash memory.

In addition to AllJoyn, ITTIA DB SQL also supports replication to alternate storage media, a powerful backup solution for embedded data, and over TCP/IP or encrypted SSL communication channels. In this way, data stored in a device application can also be exchanged with back-end servers on a corporate network, VPN, or cloud infrastructure.

Together, these technologies enable manufacturers and developers to invent new ways for smart things to manage, discover and distribute data and work together. In addition, they can benefit from an embedded compact database in a self-managing package and abilities for compatible smart things to recognize each other and share data across brands, networks, and operating systems.

With ITTIA DB SQL and AllJoyn, constant access to the Internet is not required and private data need never be shared with a third party to connect device applications. Ideal markets for this technology, such as medical devices, industrial automation, portable data terminals, consumer electronics, network appliances, and automotive, are now offered the assurance of constant data interoperability and accessibility.

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