BarracudaDrive - a consumer product designed using the Barracuda Web Server SDK

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RealTime Logic's BarracudaDrive Web Server is an example of how easy it is to design advanced consumer products by using the Barracuda Web Server SDK.

Real Time Logic, the world leader in device management software for telecommunications, medical and automotive applications, announced today the availability of the BarracudaDrive Web Server. BarracudaDrive provides a complete and easy to use solution for typical small business needs. BarracudaDrive's design enables both home users and small business owners to set up and run a professional looking site without the expense of hiring web-gurus. The server also provides secure external Intranet access similar to VPN, but without the complexity.

BarracudaDrive includes the following components:

  • A high performance asynchronous web server.
  • Lua Server Pages, a superfast scripting language.
  • Bindows, a WEB 2.0. SDK.
  • A Web File Manager that lets you manage your files using a browser.
  • WebDAV, a secure file system server that lets you mount your server as a windows disk.
  • A HTTPS tunnel, which provides easy external Intranet access.
  • A chat server and Web 2.0 client powered by the Barracuda EventHandler plugin.
  • An advanced WEB 2.0 web-server administration application.
  • A setup application that lets any user install and make the server available on the Internet.
  • Free programs you can download separately.

Developing Web Applications with BarracudaDrive
Download BarracudaDrive if you are interested in learning more about our technology. The BarracudaDrive Web Server includes our Lua Server Pages (LSP) plugin, which provides a Web Server API similar to our C/C++ Server Pages (CSP) plugin. The API available to LSP is about 40% of the API available to C/C++ code and gives a good introduction to the capabilities of the Barracuda Web Server.
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