ITTIA and eSysTech team up to deliver lightweight embedded RDBMS for the Brazili

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ITTIA, a global supplier of embedded lightweight relational database software, has appointed eSysTech as its representative in the emerging Brazilian market. eSysTech Embedded Systems, based in Brazil, offers extensive in-depth expertise to software application developers for embedded systems and devices. ITTIA's new partner, eSysTech, endeavors to minimize cost and maximize gain for companies of all sizes through selecting the best development tools. ITTIA DB-SQL complements the core competencies of eSysTech Embedded Systems, which range from mobile and communication devices to commercial automation and consumer electronics, and adds value to eSysTech's active role in real-time systems development in Brazil.

An embedded database is special-purpose software designed for a computer system built into a device. An embedded database must meet unique requirements that are not faced by general-purpose databases. Developers prefer to use an embedded lightweight database that relates to their existing database knowledge. Interoperability, maintainability and cost are important criteria for embedded database selection. As many embedded systems are produced in the range of tens of thousands to millions of units, cost is a major concern. The emerging embedded markets are expanding and Latin America is one of the key global pillars of growth. The knowledge and exceptional familiarity of eSysTech Embedded Systems with the embedded and local markets makes them an ideal database software vendor to serve Brazilian developers.

"Our two companies understand what resources embedded developers seek to successfully develop and deploy their applications, and this is a winning combination. We are really pleased to announce this valuable partnership with eSysTech Embedded Systems, as it represents for ITTIA the first step in entering the Brazilian market. We are confident that, together with our partner, we will offer our innovative lightweight relational database to assist with the requirements of the Brazilian developers. We will also continue to focus on expanding with new international partners to distribute ITTIA DB-SQL in other local markets," said Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA President. "Furthermore, we see strong potential for further growth in embedded systems and devices in Brazil and are confident that our database technology and eSysTech Embedded Systems' expertise will be of tremendous value for embedded system and device developers."

"ITTIA and eSysTech have a shared commitment to deliver a practical embedded lightweight RDBMS, so that vendors will gain value in marketing products on time. Selecting the commercially available lightweight ITTIA DB-SQL database shortens the development cycle and reduces development costs. ITTIA's lightweight embedded RDBMS enables our developers in Brazil to adopt a standard relational database solution rather than rolling their own software. As embedded systems and applications for devices become more complex, relying on a database expert is a natural decision for success," said Andre Braga, eSysTech Managing Director.

Brazil represents a large percentage of the Latin American market. According to a market survey published by ABES (Associacao Brasileira de Empresas de Software - Brazilian Association of Software Companies), Brazil has become one of the top 20 countries in the global software and services market.


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