Real Time Logic Announces release of Barracuda SOAP Web Services

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Real Time Logic announces the release of the Barracuda SOAP Web Services plugin for the Barracuda Embedded Web Server.

Barracuda SOAP dynamically generates and publishes the appropriate WSDL (Web Service Description Language) document from your installed service definitions. This dynamic generation means that the WSDL always reflects the currently installed services: there is no possibility of a mismatched service and WSDL.

It also means that the all complexities of WSDL and SOAP syntax are handled by Barracuda SOAP, leaving implementers to concentrate on writing services, in contrast to the usual approach of parsing a user-supplied WSDL file and constructing a set of skeleton C handlers which then have to be coded, compiled, and linked to the server.

Barracuda support for SOAP web services is based on two foundations:

  • An optimized, fully utf-8 aware XML parser.
  • An embedded high-level scripting language - Lua.

Both are written in 100% ANSI C, have very small code and memory overheads, and are portable across all platforms supported by the Barracuda Embedded Web Server.

Barracuda SOAP is responsible for parsing web service requests, calling the appropriate service handler, and returning any results or errors to the caller in the appropriate XML format. All you supply are simple high-level service functions.

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