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OTTAWA, ON, November 10, 2009—Crank Software Inc., an innovator of embedded user interface (UI) solutions, announces general availability of the Crank Storyboard Suite. For R&D teams developing embedded systems that require a dynamic graphical display, Storyboard makes the best use of each team member’s core expertise, streamlines the design cycle, and optimizes hardware performance.


  • Crank Software offers a new, streamlined approach to how R&D teams develop UIs for embedded systems. The Crank Storyboard Suite enables UI designers with no programming experience to drag-and-drop their UI designs and do this in parallel with, yet independently from, the engineers who are coding. This approach saves valuable time and delivers the defined product user experience (UX) to the market.
  • Storyboard enables portability of UIs across OSs, hardware platforms, and CPU version
  • Storyboard is scalable across product lines to leverage the investment in R&D efforts

Product information

Storyboard consists of two graphical display development optimization modules:

  • Crank Storyboard Designer enables UI designers to easily prototype the look and feel of a UI, run simulations of the interface to validate the designs, and move the prototype directly to the embedded device for deployment
  • Crank Storyboard Embedded Engine is a runtime component that drives the content developed in Designer on embedded devices

Key product features

  • OS-agnostic Embedded Engine supports any hardware the OS supports
  • Embedded Engine does debugging, traceability, and performance metrics
  • Embedded Engine is written in C and source code access is possible for profiling, optimization, testing, and validation
  • Scalable through plugin architecture and can be customized for the environment’s requirements
  • Scalable memory requirements minimize impact on bill of materials
  • Clean design, clean architecture, and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Leverages the Eclipse environment
  • GPU hardware optimized
  • The UI prototype is the product


Crank Storyboard Suite

Crank Storyboard Designer

Crank Storyboard Embedded Engine

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About Crank Software Inc.

Crank Software is an innovator in embedded user interface solutions. Our products and services enable R&D teams to more quickly develop rich graphical displays for resource-constrained embedded devices compared to traditional electronic design automation tools. Today, time is wasted in the development lifecycle because the design goes back and forth between UI designers and embedded systems engineers. The Crank Storyboard Suite enables UI designers and engineers to work in parallel. Storyboard manages the entire UI lifecycle—from UI design to simulation to being optimized for the device. Storyboard delivers competitive advantage because streamlining the development lifecycle enables companies to get products to market faster, with higher ROI, and lower TCO while delivering a superior customer experience. Visit us at