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ITTIA DB SQL Provides High Availability for Data Stored In-Memory on Android

ITTIA, a global leader of embedded database software, delivers support for High Availability (HA) and In-Memory data management for embedded Android developers. ITTIA DB SQL HA uses replication and online backup to connect databases across embedded Android systems, ensuring that data is always available. Android is increasingly gaining attention among embedded developers and, according to various reports, more people are considering Android for new projects.

ITTIA DB SQL Enables ADO.NET Development on Android with Mono

ITTIA DB SQL is closing the gap between Microsoft(R) platforms and Android with flexible embedded data management and synchronization, accessed through the Mono framework. A cross-platform implementation of C# and the CLR, Mono is binary compatible with the Microsoft(R) .NET framework. ITTIA DB SQL is the leading-edge embedded database software for connected devices, with enterprise characteristics and APIs for various programming languages, including C#.

ITTIA DB SQL Leverages New Features of Qt 5.0

The ITTIA DB SQL Qt driver is now compatible with Qt 5.0.0, a major renovation of the popular application development framework. The integration of these technologies allows software developers for embedded systems and devices to take advantage of flexible embedded data management software and an elegant GUI framework. Features such as replication, data distribution, concurrency, logging, and change notification offer applications a unique competitive edge and enable rapid development of user-friendly data-driven applications with a level of performance that is only possible in native code.

ITTIA DB SQL for MicroC/OS-II is now available!

ITTIA releases a new version of its embedded database, ITTIA DB SQL, for the MicroC/OS-II real-time kernel and MicroC/FS file system from Micrium.

ITTIA DB SQL 5.5 Integrates with Many Popular Development Frameworks

ITTIA releases ITTIA DB SQL 5.5, the newest version of its database for developers of applications for embedded systems and mobile platforms. This new release offers the most complete embedded data management experience, with capabilities once available only to PC applications, including high reliability, comprehensive security options, Qt user interface integration, Python and Lua scripting, JDBC compatibility, and replication. Embedded devices can also synchronize their local databases with Microsoft(R) SQL Server(R) and Oracle(R) on Windows and Linux servers.

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