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Dynamic Database Application Developers Benefit from Lua, Ruby and ITTIA DB SQL

Application developers for embedded systems and intelligent devices can now benefit from Ruby and Lua – two easy-to-use languages – as the latest offering from ITTIA DB SQL.

European Utility Principal Conges Selects ITTIA DB SQL for Tablets and Mobile Devices

ITTIA, a global leader in data management software, announces the successful establishment of cooperation with Conges Consulting. Conges selects ITTIA DB SQL for its flagship asset management platform, MenVadis, which offers utility companies a secure, scalable solution with excellent performance. With the selection of ITTIA DB SQL, Conges now supplies a cost-effective, low maintenance platform that is more reliable than ever before.

RDM Embedded 10.1 Gives Developers More Options

Behold the power of RDM Embedded 10.1. Featuring new API's, increased performance and greater usability. Download RDMe 10.1 for free to develop high-quality applications.

Effective Solution for Secure Software Distribution

Real Time Logic is pleased to announce BarracudaDrive 4.6 with the new File Mailer component. BarracudaDrive is a consumer product developed by using the Barracuda Embedded Web Server SDK.

If you are in an industry that requires regular distribution of important information, you probably have found that there are many problems associated with secure distribution of sensitive data. The File Mailer is a product that makes it easy and secure to distribute confidential data of any size to any number of contacts via regular email.

Replication in Embedded Applications Just Got Easier with ITTIA DB SQL

ITTIA has unveiled version ITTIA DB SQL 4.1, the newest version of its database for embedded systems and intelligent devices. With the addition of advanced high availability functionality and enhanced replication features, the ITTIA DB SQL library offers the most value for the application developers of embedded systems on Windows, Linux, QNX, and more. Highlights of this new release include support for two-phase commit, synchronous replication on commit, table snapshots, and distributed transactions.

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